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Baseball Clinics

LIL' SLUGGERS -  Ages 5-7 Preparing our athletes for in-town recreation leagues. Focus is on FUN, the rules of the game and TEAMWORK. Concentration on hand-eye coordination, proper techniques and fundamentals of Baseball

Tuesday February 25 - March 31  4:15-5:00pm $150/6 weeks Register here
Thursday February 27 - April 2  3:45-4:30pm $150/6 weeks Register here


JR SLUGGERS -  Ages 8-10 Providing instruction through active drills to keep kids moving and learning. With a focus on fielding, throwing, hitting, catching ad base running, players will be challenged to communicate, hustle, listen and have fun!

Tuesday February 25 - March 31  5:00-6:00pm $162/6 weeks Register here
Wednesday February 26 - March 25 5:30-6:30pm $135/5 weeks Register here
Thursday February 27 - April 2  4:30-5:30pm $162/6 weeks Register here

NEW JR SLUGGERS HITTING CLINIC -  Ages 8-10 Preparing players for game success at the plate

Saturdays February 29 - March 28 8:30-9:30am $135/5 weeks Register here

PITCHING CLINIC -  Live pitching work with Coach Rob Rozzi

February 24 - March 30         
Ages 10-12
Ages 12-14
6:00-7:00pm (FULL)
$162/6 weeks Register here

CATCHERS WORKOUT -  Form, Fundamentals and Call the Game with Coach Rob Rozzi

 February 26 - March 25        
Ages 10-15

5:30-6:30pm       $135/5 weeks      Register here

HITTING CLINIC  -  First half hour will be focusing on drills and mechanics: t-work, soft toss and bounce drill. Second half hour will be focusing on performance with the use of the Iron Mike.

February 25 - March 31         
Ages 10-12
Ages 12-15
$162/6 weeks Register here


February 29 - March 28  

Ages 10-12 12:00-1:00pm $135/5 weeks Register here

FIELDING CLINIC -  Ages 9-12 Focus: how to position your body, move your feet, properly set up your glove before receiving the ball. Progressing to learn how to field the ball, to create a fluid and continuous motion from setup to field thru the throw.

February 29 - March 28
1:00-2:00pm $135/5 weeks Register here

March 1 - March 29 
3:00-4:00pm $135/5 weeks Register here

NEW GET READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL TRYOUTS -  Focus on your hitting for the first 1/2 hour with drills. The second half hour will be hitting live.

Tuesdays February 25 - March 10 8:00-9:30pm $65/3 weeks Register here
Wednesdays February 26 - March 11 8:00-9:30pm $65/3 weeks Register here

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